Customer Success with Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step

First of all, I want to thanks to the people in Pack Publishing for this book review opportunity (especially to Sagar and Jay). I’m project manager with great ERP experience and I like this topic.

After many years spent in project management and many this topic books read, I was expecting another similar book. But, I was pleasantly surprised. Book is not only standard Sure Step manual. The author has pretty good researched the topics and give us some answers related to question why we need project management.

He is not limited only to the tight topic. He flirts successfully with other project methodologies when he feel this is necessary. Author is successfully introduce us in some new project management area as trusting is. He used parts from Covey’s book “Speed of Trust” and excellent combine them with Sure Step. I like to talk about this area as Trust Management and I think this is the new knowledge area in project management and we don’t think about that often enough.

All parts in book are described with facts, but author used practice examples, as well.

Book pretty good explain what is methodology and how we can choose the right tool for each specific case. Book introduce use in all available Sure Step tools, but also introduce us in tools by 3th party. Also, book teach us how to prepare own tool for specific needs. Very successfully, book explains to us that project management is not something you can learn by heart and this is serious discipline.

This book will be useful for absolute beginners, but also to people with years of experience in ERP or CRM implementation. Author summarized the main items that can make the project successful.


I could have a lot of good to write, but in one sentence, this book should be read. I highly recommend this book.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 7 Programming Cookbook – The Final Review

I got this book before one month for review and I did not want to hurry with review. First of all, I wanted to read the entire book carefully. After the reading of this book, at least I can say that I did learn some new things in NAV.

This book cover all important parts of developing in NAV. For the C/AL beginners, in first half of the book, it gives some valid basics examples on how to use C/AL. Also for the experienced developers, there is still a lot of useful informations in second half of the book. There is over the hundred examples showed in recipes form. The book is a real ‘cookbook’ without a lot of text, but with a lot easy to use recipes how to solve problem in NAV.

There is also part about NAV administering with examples about security, administering in SQL and administering NAV Server. You can also find examples about integration with Office and other Windows applications and how to access and update NAV from outside of NAV using Web Services. Maybe I expected more where C# is used to do something, but there is still very useful book. If I just trying to find a lack of book, this is Microsoft fault; because we got this book about NAV2013 in September and we got NAV2013R2 in October.


If you need to do something that you don’t do on a weekly basis, there is a good chance you find something useful to start with in this book. On the end, I really can give the best recommendations from me for this book. I think this book will be the standard in all NAV developers’ book collection. Maybe, you cannot learn to cook with this book, but you will surely learn something new about NAV.

I want to thank Packt Publishing sending this book for review. If you want to listen my recommendation, you can get this excellent book on

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 7 Programming Cookbook

Learn to customize, integrate and administer NAV 2013 using practical, hands-on recipes.

  • Integrate NAV with external applications, using the C/AL or SQL server
  • Develop .NET code to extend NAV programming possibilities
  • Administer the Microsoft NAV 7 server and database


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I will post my complete review soon.