Microsoft Dynamics NAV in Statistics

Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2014 brings us some new statistical numbers. As I’m NAV fan, the most important facts are:

  • NAV has the most of the Dynamics customers – 102.000
  • NAV has the most of Dynamics customer adds – 8.000

That means, people trust and like NAV globally. With Windows Azure and NAV as repeatable solution in the future, these numbers will grow. With this possibilities, we will get new customers, while NAV as easy for customize solution will provide standard growth.

Last year, percentage of Dynamics solutions participation was as following:


Now, with new customer adds, percentage of Dynamics solutions participation is as following:


You can see, only NAV has percentage growth in total Dynamics customers. When you look at total customers adds, you can find next:

  • NAV       8.000     (8,5%)
  • GP         4.000     (9,3%)
  • AX          1.000     (5,6%)
  • SL                 0     (0,0%)
  • CRM      1.000     (2,6%)


All statistics data are taken from:


Sochi 2014

One of our client is big construction contractor in Olympic Village in Sochi. This client use Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 and our vertical solution NAV4Construction. We will prepare Case Study about this implementation very soon and I don’t want write about that.

But, yesterday I find this Microsoft Dynamics video on Youtube. You can see it and find that Organizing Committee in Sochi will use Microsoft Dynamics AX. AX is not NAV, but this is still Dynamics solution.