Posting operational work (Recurring Journals) – part 4

If you do not use Output Order and you have many similar entries for posting, you can use Recurring Journals. There are Recurring Position Journals (NAV4Construction functionality) and Recurring Job Journals (NAV standard with customization). You can use them, when you do many days the same works. E.g., you can make many days one-by-one, on first building-site excavation, on second building-site wall building, on third building-site concrete works. If you do this the same works for e.g. 10 days, you can use recurring functionality. You need to input these position works by projects at one Recurring Position Journal and resource and item consumption, again by projects at one Recurring Job Journal. Everything you need is to fill quantities for each day and post it.

Recurring Journals has the same columns as standard Journals, except two fields:

  • Recurring Method – The recurring method determines what happens to the quantity on the journal line after posting. For example, if you use the same quantity each time you post the line, you can reuse the same quantity after posting as the same main data (Type, No., Position no., Description, Location Code, Work Type Code, Ongoing Code, Division Code, Division Type…). If you want to use the same accounts and text on the line, but the quantity varies each time you post, then quantity should be deleted after posting. There are two recurring methods:
    • Fixed: The amounts (Unit Costs, Unit Prices, Standby unit cost and/or Position price) on the journal line will remain after posting as all quantities (Quantity, Waiting Time, Extremely Stagnation Time, Ongoing Quantity, Mileage).
    • Variable: The amounts (Unit Costs, Unit Prices, Standby unit cost and/or Position price) on the journal line will be deleted after posting.
    • Recurring Frequency – Enter a recurring frequency if you have indicated in the Recurring field in the job journal template that the journal is a recurring journal. The recurring frequency determines how often the entry on the journal line will be posted. The field must be filled in. For example, if you want the journal to be posted every month, enter 1M. After every posting, the date in the Posting Date field will be updated to the same date in the following month. The codes for recurring frequencies are:
      • D (day)
      • W (week)
      • M (month)
      • Q (quarter)
      • Y (year)

If you want to post an entry on the last day of every month, you should post the first entry on the last day of a month and enter the formula 1D+1M-1D (1 day + 1 month – 1 day). With this formula the program takes into account the different number of days in each month.

After posting, we get the same data as posting standard Job Journals or Position Journals.


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