Posting operational work (Position Journal) – part 2

If we decide to use Position Journal, we will get easier operational work, but less of analysis quality (we cannot get COGS and resource cost per position). In some other post, I will detail explain different between Output Order using and Position/Job Journal posting. Also, posting results are not in posted documents, but there are only in Position Entries.

Position Journal is standard journal as all other journals in NAV. As standard NAV journals, Position Journal also has Journal Batches. This table contains the batches we set up for our position journals. Batches let us group entries in a posting session and place a unique stamp on that session. This provides an additional measure of audit control. Whereas, source codes and reason codes tell us the source of an entry and why the entry was made, batches tell us when the entry was made and in what group of entries it was made.

Entering data in Position Journal is simply and fast. Data are the same as Output Order header, but we can put them for many different Projects, Construction Positions and Dates. When we start to fill Position Journal, we need to input:

  • Document No. (automatic from No. Series or manually)
  • Document Date and Posting Date (there are usually the same)
  • Project No. and Project Task No.
  • Position No. (system will make automatic filter for positions and we get only positions we define on Bill of Quantities, as on Output Order; if we eventually must post position out-of-BoQ, we can press ‘Show All’ and we will get complete Construction Position code list.)
  • Quantity (in Cons. Position UOM)
  • Dimension Values and some other groups

All other data (UOM, Costs, Prices, Posting Groups…) will be entered automatically from setup. If this is not first posting for this position on this project, we can see previous posted quantity for this position. We also can see contracted position quantity from BoQ. On this way, we have control before posting this values. All of that data are placed in bottom statistic area.

There are some another small additional functionality, but globally, this is all for input. After that, we only need to post journal. Posting is easy, by press Post or Post and Print button. Posting result will be placed (only) in Position Ledger Entry.

All posting of COGS and resource cost, we must do with Job Journal. About Job Journal in my next post.


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