Bill of Quantities – (Subcontractors) part 6

As I wrote in my old posts, we can add subcontractor works in planned construction position normatives. We can plan in one normative, part of job works by ourself and part of job works by some subcontractor. When we prepare normative, we usually don’t know which subcontractor will work for us. Because of that, we make plan that job will work some subcontractor.

When we make Bill of Quantities, for all construction position lines where planed subcontractor in their normative is, NAV will be marked field ‘Subcontractor’. For this lines, we can fill ‘Quote Inquiry’ for potential subcontractors.


For all this lines, we can start command to print documents for their tender competition. This command is ‘Query for Quote’ and it can print document or prepare Excel file to send to potential subcontractors. We can choose to print expected price or not (only lines).


NAV will create as many request files (or documents) as we set different Quote Inquiries in Bill of Quantities lines.

When we get all quotes, we need to insert in NAV. If we get Excel quotes, we can use automatic function for import. After that, we can use functionalities for choosing the best quote, individual for each position, or as complete quote. More about choosing the best quote of Subcontractors, I will explain in some other posts.


One thought on “Bill of Quantities – (Subcontractors) part 6

  1. great article i loved it..

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