Construction Position and Norms – norms versions (6/7)

With my last blog description, we were finished with Construction Position Normative creating and Price Analyses for Positions. Now, I want to describe some useful informations in normative work.

I am not sure am I told before, but Construction Position Normative can use versions functionality. Normative Version work as BOM or Routing versions. We kept all NAV standards. That means you can create one or more version for each normative. You need to link Normative with Position (same as BOB/Routing with Item) and after that you can change version of Normative. In new version, you can change only small part or complete lines, depend of your wishes.

If we use main normative, ‘Version Nos.’ field on Normative header will be empty, but if we currently use one of versions, in this field will be filled number of active version.

We can create version on two ways, manually and automatically (copying from source).

If we want to create new version, we need to start ‘Versions’ command and after that press ‘New’. We will get new window, same as main normative window. We can use manually numbering or Number series. When we put Normative version code, all further in the same as main normative. You need to put work codes and after that price analysis… If you want to make this version active, you need put ‘Starting Date’ to today or before date; you can also set date for more days forwards.

Usually the case is that we have many similar versions with very small different. If we have many components, making many versions is the bog job. Because of that, we have automatic. We can make copy of main normative or some version. We can find two commands for this on Function command.

Also, if we have many similar main normatives, we can use command ‘Copy Normatives’ to make many the same normatives, and after that we can make small changes on them. We can choose number of copies and use two different systems for coding.


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