Construction Position and Norms – related data (2/7)

When Construction Position has been created, you can configure additional parameters. These are many additional functionality related to positions:

  • Comments
  • Extended Texts
  • Translation
  • Cross-reference
  • Prices


You can use comments for each Cons. Position as on all standard NAV pages.

Extended Texts

If standard description fields (50+50 characters) is not enough for position description, you can use standard NAV functionality ‘Extended Texts’. As standard NAV, you can use for all language or for specific language and with Start/End Date.

You can fill any lines you want (with 50 characters) and system will connect them for reporting. You can choose document where you want to see position extended texts. Beside standard NAV documents, you can choose additional:

  • Bill of Quantity
  • Output Order
  • Register Output
  • Monthly Report (Book of Quantity)
  • Invoice /Certification


If you want to translate Cons. Position to another language for reporting, beside Extended Texts you can use standard Translation page.


Cross-reference has the same reasons for using as on Items. In construction business, this functionality is often using. Cross-reference gives you the opportunity to set different Code and/or Description from source Cons. Position. If you set Code on this list, this Code will be presented on all documents and it is also be viewed on pages. The same applies for descriptions.


It is important to know that you do this for all customers or projects. You can use the same Cons. Position on many projects and all of them may have different codes and/or descriptions. If you have conflict between project and customer setup, system will use project setting. If you have different code on the same project, you can set different codes/descriptions on subtypes of project (Job Task). If you have conflict between project and project + subtype, system will use project setting + subtype.

You can configure Extended Text for cross-reference regardless Extended Text on position. This enable a lot of setup possibility.


If you use fix prices for Construction Position without calculation, you can use Position Price List fir this. You can set different prices for each projects and for each different currency. For each combination, you can set Start/End Date for configured price. System has log based on Date and User ID for all changes about prices.


From Construction Position Card, you can start next analysis:

  • Statistic: represent complete essence analysis about of Usage, Sales and Profit in quantity, costs and prices;


  • Entries: all entries in Job Ledger Entry (resource and item consumption) or in Position Ledger Entry (position output) for source Cons. Position;
  • Situations: list of all certification where source position is invoiced.

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