Construction Position and Norms – position creating (1/7)

Construction Position is single contract work and represent project WBS. This is a new NAV entity (specially created for NAV4Construction) and it is the center of all evidences in the construction processes. At any time you can check out how much work is done by position for the required period (quantities, costs, prices, profit/loss…). It is possible to monitor the actual expenses incurred in order to perform the position. At the same position it is possible to see what has already been invoiced. It is also possible to monitor and get the real costs, both in amount and in percentage. This monitoring is possible for each specific position or for the entire position group. Position has related Construction Norm with specification of consumption (resources, items, subcontractors). One or more versions of norms and price analysis for each norm can be defined for each position.

You can find Construction Positions on two location:

  • Quantity Surveyor Section->Position->Positions
  • Construction->Position->Positions

This is the same table, but it is used by both departments. QSS works on creating and preparing specific data and Construction works on usage them.

When you look up at Construction Position window, I can infer that it is very similar as G/L Account or Dimension Value windows. Positions also has WBS user can do himself.


If you want create new position, you must start ‘New’ button. You need to fill Code, Description, Type (Standard, Heading, Total, Begin-Total, End-Total), Base Unit of Measure (system can use many Unit of Measures as UOM on Items), Group Code (for group analysis), Normative (will be described in later posts), Gen. Prod. Posting Group and VAT Prod. Posting Group. If you have incomplete data on Construction Position, it will be automatically blocked. You can set another additional specific parameters.



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