Construction Position and Norms – norms creating (3/7)

…I forgot…there is function for massively creating of Construction Positions, but this function runs from Bill of Quantity page. We will discuss about this function in some later themes. Now, we will continue…

Normative is place where we make specification of planned consumption for Construction Position. If we compare construction with production, Normative is as BOM and Routing altogether. But construction is more complex than production. You can find Construction Positions on: Quantity Surveyor Section->Normatives->Normative List.

If you want to see existing Normative, you just need to double-click on some of them. If you want to create new, you have to press ‘New’ command. I will explain creating process.


You need to set Normative No (manually or automatically using number series) and normative description if you want it (is not necessary).

After that you have to configure Unit of Measure. There are the specifics. You can choose only Unit of Measure which is configured on Construction Position. Does not matter is this this Unit of Measure the same as Base Unit of Measure on Construction Position. But it must be same as one of all Unit of Measures from Construction Position. If we use not-Base Unit of Measure, system will use ratio defined on Cons. Position for all quantities and costs.

When we fill Normative Header, we must define Normative Lines – Price Analysis Lines. We can use three types of line entries:

  • Work: It used for configure resource and/or item consumption. For this type, we must to configure precisely consumption and this will be explain in next posts.
  • Subcontractor: It used for subcontractor work. We can choose vendor number (if we know them, but is not necessary), but we must to fill cost. This cost is value from quote or expected cost from subcontractor contract.
  • Normative: It used if we have complex normative, combined from more different normatives. In this case, we have not repeat all consumption entries, but we need fill existed Normative Numbers.

Very important is we can use combination of all three types for each Normatives, because we often have case where partially use our resources and partially resources from subcontractors.

If we have minimum one line with Work type, we need to set Price Analyses for this work. In next post, we will explain this process. When we set all parameters, we must to change status to Released using Apply command and after that we must to connect this Normative with Construction Position.


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