What is main strength of our NAV4Construction vertical solution?

Absolute precision in cost control at the early start when you try to make bids. Cost and revenues control at full life cycle of project. We use all good things from NAV (we don’t need to make again good things) and make all what is miss.

Complete control of resource engagement and material consumption. When we say resources, we think on each vehicle, machine and employee. When we say material consumption, we think on complete purchase material, but we think on very complex half or finish goods production also.

Multiple reducing the time to produce documents for monthly billing. Avoiding the possibility of any error when creating billing documents.

Reducing the receivables payment time for 2-3 times. Improved cash flow and decreasing costs of funding and significantly higher profit. Only few percent savings with using NAV in combination with our construction vertical solution make full ROI in few months. They are results of research we made with our clients who implemented this vertical, regardless of company size and number of users.

Besides fast ROI, it is very important to discipline employees increasing the quality and standardization of processes as well as to enable inexperienced employees to perform tasks that were previously performed by employees with dozens of years of experience and many others. Real profit cannot be easily measured by money because the significant benefit is in each segment.


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