Before I continue to write about the NAV vertical solution details, I need to give you some global picture of the system. First of all, I must to introduce you with the some new entities in NAV4Cosntruction. There are new categories, specific for construction business:

Project is potential or realized contract and this is the center of all activities. Project is entity based on NAV Jobs.

Construction position is single contract work and represent project WBS. This is a new NAV entity and it is the center of all evidences in the construction. We need to put some work of resources and item consumption to make some position.

Normative is specification of resources and item consumptions or consumption of sub-contractors on quantity basis.

Price analysis is part of Normative based on costs.

Bill of Quantity is the main document with construction position specification for project. This document determines quantities, actual costs, planed costs, prices, margins… From BoQ, we make Quote.

Mechanization is each machine or vehicle and mechanization is part of resource.

We have more new entities, but these are the most important ones to be used all the time.

In next few posts, I will explain the basics of modules, and after that I writte much more detaile…


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