Start with new project

What is a new project in NAV? It depend on desired mode of managing.

We usually recommend that project can be a “potential project”. If we get Request for Quote from potential investor/customer, we will create new project. This project has status Planning.

We can set:

  • Project description, potential Bill-to Customer and Planning duration
  • Currency code (if we have foreign investor; or we hove domestic investor, but we want to calculate project in some other currency)
  • Project Territory code and lot of data about tender management

Also, we can use different customers for different documents. We can make task list for project with responsible persons and due date for them.


If we decide to make quote, we will change status of project to Quote. After that, we will make quote using Bill Of Quantity (Quote calculation and BoQ will be presented in next post). For now, we’ll skip it.

If investor reject our quote, we will put status Rejected and close project. Before we close project, we will enter reason of reject. This reason we need because we can make analysis of rejection, later; this is very important business indicator. Anyway, if investor accept our quote, we will change project status to Order. First of all, we need to set Contract No. and Contract Date and also contract number and date from investor.

Now, I will little be a technical, and little be a functional. Automatically with status changing, project get Project Dimension Value same as project code. All who already work with NAV knows what dimensions is and how they are important for all posting. We don’t need thinking about dimensions, because system will be automatically configured.

Now, we need to set really start and end date, as expected end date (expected end date and end date, unfortunately usually are not same). If we use temporary location for inventory tracking, we can set default location to make easier further work. Ultimately, we need to make setup for this project (there are really many option, but most of them can be configure globally on company level).

Also, we can link co-investors to project set up on more ways. We’ll talk about that another time.

This was just a brief introduction to the basics of working in the NAV4Construction. After this introduction, it comes more complex module parts.


2 thoughts on “Start with new project

  1. Your mode of telling all in this post is genuinely good,
    every one be capable of easily understand it, Thanks a lot.

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