And finally “NAV” & Construction…

Is NAV good solution for construction? What processes are covered by NAV? What is requirements for implementation?

NAV as most of standard ERP solutions includes standard business processes, as: purchase, sales, inventory, financial, accounting, fixed assets, HRM, warehouse management system, manufacturing etc. These are, first of all, the processes that are repeatable and as I said all ERP solutions cover these areas. For years, NAV was to be found primarily within the Supply Chain Management. On the other hand, there are specific business areas where processes are not repeatable. These are specific types of manufacturing, construction, mechanization management… Although this is a complex area, NAV may cover these requirements, but not only standard solution.

Standard NAV has module Jobs. This module can be used for posting and monitoring construction, but only on the base level. However, this module is designed for work with simple types of projects. It cover base with project and tasks and resource and material consumption, but complex processes as Quantity Surveyor Section, Detail Construction Management, Consumption per each position (can be tousends and tousends), Monthly Construction Reports, Certification and specific type of invoicing is not covered.

But, what is power of NAV? NAV is software, it can be easily customized. We can make specific vertical solution for specific industry as construction. And we made it; we made specific industry vertical colution NAV4Construction as global solution. We designed it in the community with many civil engineers and quantity surveyors and we have already implement this solution in many construction companies.


We made new construction modules:

  • Quantity Surveyor Section
  • Construction Management
  • Subcotractors
  • MS Project Server Integration
  • Mechanization Engagement
  • Internal Service

Also, we redefine manufacturing processes for specific requirement of construction companies.

In few next posts, we will made basic description for all of these modules. After that, we will desribe specific processes in these modules on more detail level.

How much processes? It depends of your interests. Please, join to discussion.


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