Increased competition

In conditions of increased foreign and domestic competition, in which builders now have to rely, for years the standard deviation of 5-6% is no longer acceptable – for today’s conditions, 1-2% is too much. Precision at the project level is not enough, it is necessary for each task of the project. It is necessary to have a real real-time P&L at the project level. It is necessary to monitor the project cash-flow. It is not a problem even if we have loss on one or few positions, but only if we know that before the work starts. Only in this moment this is the right information, all after that is “counting the dead.”
Also, in a situation when we work with huge number of projects with hundreds or thousands positions on each project, it is necessary to optimize and rationalize people time (save the time). We must create construction monthly evidence and complex invoices in a short time. Except work speed, even more is important that the data are accurate. Any error in these documents significantly prolonged the time to charge own work.


One thought on “Increased competition

  1. unlike additional blogs i have read which are really not good. i also found your posts very interesting.

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